Planetary Sciences, Updated 2nd Edition
Imke de Pater & Jack Lissauer

This is the primary and required text for the course. To be prepared for lecture, you should be reading the chapters as they are assigned. Planetary science is a very integrated field and pulls information from several disciplines. Depending on your background and course preparation there will likely be some topics that are very familiar and some that are new to you. For this reason it is very important to stay current on the reading and be willing to ask questions!

Web Resources

Solar system planetary fact sheet:

Extrasolar planet encyclopedia:

Space news:

AGI’s educational curriculum:

Mars rover Curiosity:

Latest images from Mars rover Opportunity:

HiRISE public image targeting:

Cassini mission to Saturn:

Planetary Science @ GA Tech:

Astronomy @ GA Tech:

Atlanta Clear Sky Chart:

Space Weather:

The Planetary Society:

Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group:

Outer Planets Assessment Group:

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