Current lab members

James Wray

PI: James Wray

Associate Professor, Georgia Tech

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2010

A.B., Princeton University, 2006

Curriculum Vitae

Gabe Eggers

Gabe Eggers

(co-advised w/ Joe Dufek) President's Fellow and Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech

A.B., Princeton University, 2013

Gabe's website

Alex Sessa

Alex Sessa

Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech

M.S., Georgia Tech, 2017

B.S., University of Illinois-Chicago, 2014

Angela Dapremont

Angela Dapremont

NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech

B.S., College of Charleston, 2014

Angela’s website


Emily (Emmy) Hughes

Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech (starting Fall 2021)

B.S., Wesleyan University, 2020


Maci Harrell

Undergraduate, Georgia Tech


Colin Burnett

Undergraduate, Georgia Tech

Past lab members

Cindy Young

Cindy Young

Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech

Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 2014

Now a Civil Servant at NASA Langley Research Center

Cindy's CV

Kennda Lynch

Kennda Lynch

(co-advised w/ Frank Rosenzweig) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Georgia Tech

Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines, 2015

Now a Staff Scientist at the Lunar & Planetary Institute

Kennda's website

Luju Ojha

Lujendra (Luju) Ojha

Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 2016

B.S., University of Arizona, 2012

Now an Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers University

Previously a Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellow, then Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University

Luju's website

Mary Beth Wilhelm

Mary Beth Wilhelm

Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 2017

B.A., Cornell University, 2012

Now a Civil Servant at NASA Ames Research Center

Mary Beth's website

George McDonald

George McDonald

Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 2018

B.A., Cornell University, 2014

Now a Postdoc at Rutgers University

George's Google Scholar page

Sheridan Ackiss

Sheridan Ackiss

B.S., Georgia Tech, 2012

Now a Remote Sensing Scientist/Engineer at The Aerospace Corporation

Previously a NASA Earth & Space Science Fellow / Ph.D. student at Purdue University (w/ Briony Horgan); then Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Idaho (w/ Erika Rader)

Sheridan's Google Scholar page

S. J. Ralston

Stephanie (S.J.) Ralston

B.S., Georgia Tech, 2014

Now a Mars Research Scientist at Jacobs/NASA Johnson Space Center

Previously a M.S. student at the University of Nevada (w/ Libby Hausrath)

S.J.’s LinkedIn profile

Sergio Parra

Sergio Parra

B.S., Georgia Tech, 2018

Now a Ph.D. student at Caltech

Sergio’s LinkedIn profile

Lauren Kimbrough

Lauren Kimbrough

B.S., Georgia Tech, 2020

Now a M.S. student at Georgia Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Lauren’s LinkedIn profile

Jiawei Li

Jiawei Li

B.S., Georgia Tech, 2015

Sarah Hansen

Sarah Hansen

Research Technician

B.S., Georgia Tech, 2011

Future lab members

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Unfortunately I now receive too many inquiries from prospective group members to answer every one individually. If you are a prospective graduate student, please see this page for more information about our program and when/how to apply. While our admissions are very competitive, there is always a place here for truly outstanding students!