Homework assignments will be due at the beginning of class. Late homework turned in by the following class will be deducted 20%. No credit will be given for assignments later than this deadline unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated. You are encouraged to work together as it can be quite beneficial, but everyone must turn in their own work and every student is individually responsible for understanding the material covered in the assignments.

Homework & Readings
Term project info
Homework 5 – Term project “peer review” due 11/12/14

Reading for week 1: Chapter 1 in Planetary Sciences
Homework 1 – due 8/25/14

Reading for weeks 2-4: Chapter 2 in Planetary Sciences
Homework 2 – due 9/12/14

Reading for weeks 5-7: Chapter 3 in Planetary Sciences
Supplementary reading: McKay et al. on Titan greenhouse and anti-greenhouse effects
Homework 3 – due 10/3/14

Reading for weeks 8-10: Chapter 4 in Planetary Sciences
Homework 4 – due 10/22/14

Reading for weeks 11-13: Chapter 5 in Planetary Sciences
Supplementary reading: Dietrich & Perron on whether life leaves a morphologic imprint
Homework 6 – due 11/21/14

Reading for weeks 14-15: Chapter 6 in Planetary Sciences

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